5 Easy Guitar Lessons for Kids

Write an article about how starting to learn guitar at a young age can be beneficial for kids. Not only will they have a new skill to show off, but guitar lessons can help teach kids discipline, patience and other important life skills. If you’re looking for easy guitar lessons for kids, look no further-here are five simple steps that will get them started on the right path!

1. Choose their instrument

First of all, if you’re looking for easy guitar lessons for kids, look no further-you’ve found it! Kids don’t need an entire drum set or a saxophone to get started playing music; they can learn just as well on a simple guitar. While learning piano is also something children can do, it’s not as easy to learn as guitar, and doesn’t involve the social aspect that playing an instrument can provide.

2. Teach them how to hold it…

Kids are used to holding toys, books or pencils-not a six-pound guitar. Now imagine asking them to sit with their legs crossed so they can properly support its weight! It won’t be long before they’re begging you for help. Instead of teaching your child how to hold the guitar, have them stand up with their feet spread apart about shoulder width apart, then have them bend at the knees slightly so that the upper half of their body is straight and supported by their core. Have them lean on something sturdy if necessary until they get used to having all that weight resting on their legs.

3. Teach them the parts of the guitar

Playing an instrument is a lot like learning a language-kids have to learn the basics first before they can build upon what they know. Kids need to know how many strings are on a guitar, where each string is, and what kinds of things are attached to different parts before they can begin playing. Have your child count how many strings are on the guitar, then teach them which string is which by pointing out how close certain numbers are together. For example, if you say “the two closest strings are E A & B,” kids will understand that those three strings go up in pitch (from smallest to largest). Have them hold down each string at its lowest point, then point out what the part of the guitar it’s closest to is called.

Simon and Patrick Acoustic Guitar

4. Get them comfortable with playing

Kids need to get used to holding down the strings on a guitar before they can actually start playing it, which can be a challenge in itself! Kids don’t have much strength in their fingers yet, so you’ll need to help them for a little while. Have your child hold down each string at its lowest point with one finger-they should focus on keeping all their fingers flat and strong as they press down. Once they’re able to do that, have them practice going back and forth between different strings until they’ve memorized where each string is located. When that becomes natural for them, have them try moving around the guitar instead of staying in the same place.

5. Start slow

As with most things, practice makes perfect-and that applies to playing the guitar, too! Kids need to start out slowly and simply until they’re comfortable playing, then you can have them experiment with new techniques as time goes on. Have your child strum each string once before moving on to a different one-this will help them memorize where each string is located without having their fingers be all over the place. Once they master that technique, encourage movement around the fretboard so they can learn from experience instead of from memorizing patterns.

They should practice these five steps for around half an hour every day to see quick results! Contact us for scheduling lessons!

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