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Notice of Withdrawal

EVSM Contract 30-Day Notice of Withdrawal Policy

East Valley School of Music (EVSM) requires a 30-day notice of withdrawal from lessons at any time. For this reason, an initial 2-month commitment is expected. In order to officially withdraw, Client must inform the EVSM office and complete a Notice of Withdrawal Form, which is available in person at the front desk, or the office can email a link to fill out online. (It is not sufficient to only inform your instructor.) EVSM will continue normal billing until the Notice of Withdrawal Form is received. The final lesson date will be confirmed once the form is processed, and tuition will be prorated for the number of lessons received in the final month.

Extra Lessons Accrued: Extra (5th) lessons that may occur during some months are financially balanced by billing the same rate each month, even during months with a one-week break. This helps EVSM to keep the billing as simple as possible. If a student discontinues lessons prior to a one-week break, they may need to be billed for an extra (5th) lesson if one has accrued.

Outstanding Make-Up Lessons & No New Make-Up Lessons: EVSM does not give refunds for missed lessons. Upon submitting a 30-day notice of withdrawal, instructor will make a good faith effort to make up only one outstanding missed lesson from student cancelation and one outstanding missed lesson from instructor cancelation. If there is more than one make-up lesson outstanding, it is forfeit. Furthermore, during the 30 days, no new make-up lessons will be given if student is unable to attend the prescheduled lesson dates.

By signing this form, you are notifying East Valley School of Music of your intent to withdraw
   from lessons.

I, , have reviewed the terms of this agreement and wish to withdraw from lessons at East Valley School of Music.


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