Shiloh Jezek began her musical career at the age of 7. Only 2 short years later, she began studying under EVSM’s own Owner/Instructor, Tabitha Czapla. At age 12, she began teaching private lessons to beginners from her home and eventually grew her piano business to over 25 students. Shiloh has completed many years of Arizona Study Program through ASU both as a student and a teacher. She has been classically trained for the majority of her music career and continues to be an avid pianist now 16 years later. She studied with Tabitha for over 10 years as well as studying piano pedagogy courses with Radmila Stojanovic.

As owner and operator of her own piano studio, she has become highly proficient in teaching important musical skills such as sight reading, theory comprehension, rhythm and more! Her main objective in teaching is to pass along her love for music onto the next generation of musicians. She plays with an immense amount of passion, artistry and technical precision. By continuing her teaching career at EVSM, she hopes to give her students the skills to grow as musicians and help them gain confidence in themselves!


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