Kali Pio learned to love music at a young age – both her parents were music instructors, and she herself started learning piano before she even started school! At a young age, Kali knew she wanted to continue in her parents’ footsteps, inspiring students to love and grow in music.

Kali started teaching piano in high school, under her mom’s supervision, and a few years later went to college to receive her degree in Music Education. While completing that degree, she experienced teaching a variety of ages, but has always loved teaching young minds to truly know and love music at an early age.

Since graduating college, Kali has had the joy of teaching many students. This experience has helped develop her philosophy that, while every student learns and progresses in their own unique way, every student can benefit from taking music lessons! Kali hopes to connect with your student and help share the wonderful world of music in the near future!

Kali is available to teach Little Pianists and Oboe

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