Holly Casteel has over a decade of experience as a pianist and student in musical studies such as technique, artistry, theory and performance. Her musical journey began with both Mike and Tabitha Kaminski in 2006. Under their instruction, she discovered a passion to be a teacher herself, received training and has now been teaching at EVSM since 2015. Holly is currently attending college pursuing a degree in music education in both piano and choral arts. She has studied with esteemed musical professors: Radmila Stojanovic, Ruth Yandell, and Craig Peterson.

Holly adores teaching children and sharing the gift of music with them and their families. For young beginner students, Holly ‘s use of incorporated musical games refocuses attention through hands on engagement while also reinforcing key concepts. Holly has invented several such versions of children’s musical games that have become a hit in the classroom and a valuable part of their training. For the elementary or intermediate level student, Holly focuses solely upon the excellence of their playing through technique exercises, music theory, repertoire and performance.

In order that each of Holly’s students obtain a firm foundation in their knowledge of the piano, she covers each of the following elements through private instruction:

• Note recognition
• Rhythm comprehension and counting
• Technique elements and exercises
• Theory
• Ear training
• Sight Reading
• Practice Strategies
• Proper Performance Etiquette
• Memorization

Holly’s goal as a teacher is to instill a love of music and a joy of learning new things in every young musician she trains. In the classroom, Holly creates a positive atmosphere that enforces structure, builds confidence and sets goals. She strives to equip her students with the best tools for each of them to succeed and further their musical learning as far as they wish. Her hope is that each child she encounters through teaching will carry the joy of music with them their whole life long.


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