After excelling as both a musician and educator in her youth, Ashley Corbitt decided to study child development and education more broadly and earned a degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University in 2012. During this time she also took additional time to study music theory, piano, voice, and conducting. As an accomplished pianist and vocalist, she studied and practiced music extensively before, during, and after her University experience. She worked and volunteered as a pianist, accompanist, vocalist, choir director, and teacher in a variety of institutions and organizations. In 2015 Ashley began her own music studio in Utah where she taught dozens of students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to become accomplished and enthusiastic musicians. She continued this private music education until 2019 when she moved to Arizona.

In addition to her work as a music teacher, Ashley has experience teaching traditional elementary classes and as a lead teacher for a Primary Montessori school. She has a passion for educating the whole child with a fun and nurturing environment and is convinced music education is vital to a child’s mental, emotional, and social development.  She is thrilled at the opportunity to become more involved in developing confident, enthusiastic, well-rounded musicians by working with East Valley School of Music.


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