Since youth, Alex Haddad’s life has revolved around music. Alex grew up in California and at a young age was exposed to many different forms of music through attending live performances and concerts, collecting CDs, and enjoying movie and video game soundtracks. He quickly fell in love with the incredible musicianship of heavy metal music and began his journey of mastering both bass and guitar. He later would share his passion for these instruments through the art of teaching.
In 2017, Alex completed his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Culture: Arts, Media, and Engineering with a concentration in Music. He had the opportunity for the first time to teach a class of young students during a summer internship music camp program. He had given individual lessons before, but never taught in a group setting. This was a new experience that he excelled at, and which inspired him to go down the path of obtaining higher music education.
In his senior year of college, Alex reached a personal landmark in getting his band, Nullingroots, signed to Prosthetic Records, a record label responsible for many of the albums that defined him as a musician growing up. In 2021, after more than ten years of hard work, love, and dedication towards his solo project, Dessiderium, he achieved his goal in getting it signed to one of his favorite labels in metal music: The Artisan Era.

After obtaining his B.A. degree, Alex received some amazing opportunities to follow through with his youthful dreams of playing music all around the world. He auditioned for, and then joined, renowned metal band Arkaik, and became a live musician for Vale of Pnath, another band of the same caliber. These experiences took Alex throughout North America, and thrust him into a network of musicians that he had admired and been influenced by since childhood.

Alex has been teaching private guitar lessons since 2013, and through these lessons has witnessed the powerful feeling that comes from helping others gain a new life skill. As an instructor, Alex provides students with fundamental concepts of music theory, an in-depth review of technique, and the freedom to explore different genres of music that keep the student engaged. Between his background in education, personal music achievements, and years of teaching, Alex is able to tailor lessons to any individual’s needs, as well as offer real world experience and guidance in the music industry. Alex is currently an endorsed artist with Ormsby Guitars, and enjoys sharing his passion for guitars and music with students of all backgrounds.


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