Our Teaching Philosophy

East Valley School of Music is dedicated to providing a strong musical foundation for students of all ages and levels. By using a progressive mix of curriculum and customized private lessons, students learn how to read music fluently, develop technical proficiency, understand fundamental theory concepts, perform in front of an audience, compose their own music, and improvise popular music. Most importantly, East Valley School of Music nurtures the love and appreciation of music in every student!

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We are Moving January 30th

We are excited to be relocating to our new 4,800 square foot building on January 30th! We are moving just 3 miles west to the NW corner of Arizona & Chandler Heights in Chandler. The new building will feature a performance hall, 15 teaching rooms, an ensemble room, and more floor space for books and products.

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Who We Are

Mike & Tabitha Kaminski founded EVSM in 2006 from a shared passion for teaching piano. The school was originally called KaminsKEYS Piano Studio. Today, EVSM has instructors for every main instrument and more than 425 students!

“We would like to invite you to discover your musical abilities and talents while having fun learning to play music . . .”